LCD/LED Acer Aspire V5-131

Spesifikasi LCD/LED Acer Aspire V5-131 :
– Processor: 1.0GHz AMD C-50 APU
– Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 6250 Graphics
– Ram/Memory: DDR3 2Gb (max 4GB)
– HDD: 320GB/500GB SATA
– LCD: LED 11.6″ inch (1366×768)
– Kondisi: Baru

Pricelist LCD/LED Laptop:
LED 8.9″ For Acer Aspire One ZG5, Asus Eee PC 900, 901 Rp.650,000
LED 10.1″ Socket Kiri For Acer, HP Mini, Toshiba Mini, Rp.660,000
LED 10.1″ For Sony Vaio Rp.890,000
LED 10.1″ Socket Kanan For HP Mini Rp.850,000
LED 10.1″ Slim For Acer AO Happy, Acer D255, D270, Asus 1025 Rp.670,000
LED 10.2″ For Asus Eee PC 1001HA, 1015 Rp.835,000
LED 10.1″ Slim For Lenovo Rp.750,000
LED 11.6″ FOR Ferrari One Rp. 850,000
LED 11.6 Slim For Acer aspire One D722 Rp.850,000
LCD 12.1″ For Toshiba Rp.955,000
LCD 12.1″ For HP DV2 Socket Besar Rp.1,050,000
LED 12.1″ ASUS Eee PC 1215 Series Rp.950,000
LED 12.1″ Wide Glossy For Lenovo G230 Rp.990,000
LED 12.1 Socket Kecil B121EWO9 V.1 Rp.1,070,000
LED 12.1 Slim HSD121PHW2 Rp.1,130,000
LCD 13.3″ 20 PIN Rp.1,030,000
LCD 13.3″ For Dell 30PIN Rp.1,030,000
LED 13.3″ Standard For Toshiba Rp.950,000
LED 13.3″ Standard For Dell Rp.1,130,000
LED 13.3″ Slim For Acer Rp.1,130,000
LED 13.3″ Slim For Asus Rp.1,070,000
LED 13.3 Slim For Toshiba Portege R700 Rp.1,070,000
LED 13.3 Slim For HP DV3000 Rp.1,250,000
LCD 14.0 Standard Rp.1,250,000
LED 14.0″ Standard Socket Kiri Rp.770,000
LED 14.0″ Standard Socket Kanan Rp.850,000
LED 14.0″ Slim For Acer, Asus X401U Rp.950,000
LCD 14.1″ Standard For Toshiba, Acer Rp.1,050,000
LCD 15.4″ For Toshiba Rp.1,100,000
LCD 15.6″ Rp.1,200,000
LED 15.6″ Rp.1,250,000
LED 15.6 Slim For Acer Rp.1,290,000
LED 16.0″ Rp.1,200,000
LCD 17.1″ Rp.1,230,000
LED 17.3″ Socket Kiri Rp.1,250,000



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