Baterai laptop Acer Travelmate 5735, 5735Z, 5742G, 5742Z, 5735ZG, 5740Z, 5742, 5740, 5740G

Baterai laptop Acer Travelmate 5735, 5735Z, 5742G, 5742Z, 5735ZG, 5740Z, 5742, 5740, 5740G

Spesifikasi Baterai :
TipeBaterai     :     Li-ion
Capacity     :     4400mAh
Voltage     :     10.8 / 11.1 Volt – 6 Cell

Part number :
31CR19/65-2     31CR19/652     31CR19/66-2
AK.006BT.075     AK.006BT.080     AS10D
AS10D31     AS10D3E     AS10D41
AS10D51     AS10D61     AS10D71
AS10D73     AS10D75     BT.00603.111
BT.00603.117     BT.00603.124     BT.00604.049
BT.00605.062     BT.00605.065     BT.00606.008
BT.00607.125     BT.00607.126     BT.00607.127
BT.00607.130     LC.BTP00.123

Cocok untuk seri di bawah ini :
TravelMate 4740, 5740, 8472, 8572 Series
TravelMate 4740G         TravelMate 5742G         TravelMate 8472TG
TravelMate 4740Z         TravelMate 5742Z         TravelMate 8572
TravelMate 5740         TravelMate 5742ZG         TravelMate 8572G
TravelMate 5740G         TravelMate 8472         TravelMate 8572T
TravelMate 5740Z         TravelMate 8472G         TravelMate 8572TG
TravelMate 5742         TravelMate 8472T

TravelMate TM4740, TM5740, Tm5742, TM8472, TM8572 Series
TravelMate TM4740G         TravelMate TM5742G         TravelMate TM8472TG
TravelMate TM4740Z         TravelMate TM5742Z         TravelMate TM8572
TravelMate TM5740         TravelMate TM5742ZG         TravelMate TM8572G
TravelMate TM5740G         TravelMate TM8472         TravelMate TM8572T
TravelMate TM5740Z         TravelMate TM8472G         TravelMate TM8572TG
TravelMate TM5742         TravelMate TM8472T



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